Perfect Uus Maailm

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A perfect world

Uus Maailm gives rise to stories that will never be forgotten. It is a world where day to day life and daydreams meet, where reality intertwines with fancy and the past with the future.

The scent of spring croci, chestnut blooms and old woodsheds mixes with children’s exclamations of joy and the clicking of bicycle chains. Both the body and the mind can rest here. This is home.

The Planeedi 9 apartment building that will be constructed just 1.5 km away from the Tallinn city centre will put in two cents into renewing the district of Uus Maailm, and strike a powerful accord in the interrelation of the cosy, flower-scented suburbia and modern architecture.

Everything essential nearby

  • City Center 3 min   |   Airport 10 min   |   Old Town 5 min

* The pictures are illustrative and may differ from the actual living spaces that are to be constructed